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HST DAQ System

Description of Problem

Hydraulic System Technology, Inc. required a data aquisition system with a greater storage capacity. It was also requested that data aquisition and graphics processing be done on seperate systems to allow for greater efficiency.


A rack mountable system was designed to be fast, redundant, and not take up to much space. A server was built using a Poweredge 2600 chassis with dual Xeon processors and with 4 gigabytes of memory. Six Ultra 320 15K RPM hard drives were configured using a Dell Perc 4, Ultra 320 raid card in a Raid 5 array, which allowed for redundancy and speed. This array was used for the operating system files as well as program files. A seperate storage array was installed using two 500 gigabyte SATA II hard drives configured using an Adaptec SATA II raid controller card in a Raid 1 array, which provided redundancy. This array was used for longer term storage. This system was setup as the data aquisition system.

For graphics processing, a similar approach was taken. A Dell Precision 450 chassis was used, with dual Xeon processors and 2 gigabytes of memory. A Wildcat 7110 video card was used to supply top of the line graphics performance. In order to take advantage of the massive resources the server offered, a gigabit ethernet switch was provided, and allowed fast communication and data transfer between the two systems. To top off the system, a rack mountable Belkin KVM switch was used, to allow easy switching using one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

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