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Phoenix Hydraulics and Controls DAQ System

Description of Task

Phoenix Hydraulics and Controls requested a high performance data aquisition system be built which was reliable, and reasonably safe from oil splatter.


A rack mountable system was designed using a Dell Poweredge 2950. The system contained two gigabytes of memory and two dual core processors, for a total of four processor cores. Dual redundant power supplies were installed. A National Instruments, PCIe-6259 was also installed which allowed 32 SE/16 DI analog inputs for a total of up to 1.25 million samples per second with 16 bit resolution, 4 analog outputs at up to 2.86 million samples per second at 16 bit resolution, and 48 digital I/O. The cables and connector blocks were also used to allow attachement of all data I/O. This was the current top of the line, high end multi function data aquisition card from National Instruments. A PDF link to the National Insruments PCIe-6259 Multifunction DAQ card

In order to keep the system running when multiple high flow pumps were started without fluctuations and power spikes damaging the system, a APC 3000 battery back up was configured to condition the power for the entire unit. For affordable display, a standard 19" LCD monitor was used with a ceiling mount, and placed into the rack. In order to keep most oil splatter that occured out of the system, a Dell 4210 rack, with side panels was used.

The system software consisted of a standard Microsoft Windows XP Professional installation, and the data aquisition software used was provided by Hydraulic System Technology, Inc. A link to their site: Hydraulic System Technology, Inc.. A top of the line, reliable data aquisition system was built and fulfilled the customer requirements.

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