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Phoenix Hydraulics and Controls Inventory Management System

Description of Problem

Phoenix Hydraulics and Controls obtained a large amount of inventory with no inventory management system in place. Searching for items was difficult. There was labor available, however, there was no good way to record items locations and descriptions.


One server was installed as well as two data input stations. The server was setup using a version of Linux, Debian. Apache web server was configured as well as MySQL. The computers were networked together. A Perl DBI - CGI program was engineered for intranet based inventory input, with a simple to use interface. Five minutes of training was all it took, and inventory entry began.

The inventory system was later adapted to allow people searching for certain parts, to attempt to find them in Phoenix Hydraulics and Controls current inventory over the internet. A simple web page was designed, and pay per click advertising from Yahoo/Google/Lycos was researched and applied. There was an instant jump in profitability from inventory sales marked by the start of online advertising.

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